Terms of use and salePRESENTATION
________________________ is a transportation service, a simplified joint stock company with a capital ________________________ €, whose registered office is at ________________________, registered with the Trade Register of Companies under ________________________ ________________________ num & nbsp; (Hereinafter the "Company"). VAT number: ________________________. The Company provides travel service passenger vehicle with driver running exclusively on reservation, immediately or in advance ..
These Terms constitute a contract by which the company offers and provides the Service and apply to orders placed by the customer vehicles from the company by telephone, via the Internet at ________________________.
By using the service, the customer recognizes and accepts all the terms of these general conditions.
The company provides a transport service and provides its customers passenger cars with driver. It is registered in the Register of passenger cars with driver operators as ________________________ number and subject to the provisions of articles L 231- 1 to L231-4 of the Tourism Code and Decree No. 85-891 of 16 August 1985 & gt;
The customer is informed that all vehicles are offered a unique model (sedan). For now, the company is unfortunately not able to offer matchmaking with specific vehicles for the disabled.
The Service is open every day, 24h / 24, and is accessible only by reservation in advance.
The race of booking through the website is subject to prior customer acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
To book, the client connects to the site by entering the reservation It informs the various fields related to the desired path (place of departure, possibly a place of destination, type of car). Failing Intelligence place of departure, the order process will not succeed. If you enter a destination, the company offers a price to perform the requested route. The client is free to accept or reject the offer proposed by the company; if he accepts, he must have previously assured that all information displayed & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; conform to the desired path.
In the absence of entry of a destination, booking can not succeed ..
The company & nbsp; transmits the driver responsible for the daily commute Command the elements.
The customer can book a vehicle from the company before the date and time of departure of the relevant race. The delay can be up to 1 month up to 30 minutes minimum before the scheduled departure time.
The customer indicates the date, time and place of departure, any intermediate stage and the final end point, other possible features of the race (complementary indication of the place of appointment, etc.) and the full name of the passenger.
Depending on the number of orders already on the date and time chosen, the company reserves the right to refuse orders additional advance.
The Company records the order and takes into account the search of the vehicle, without making an immediate booking a vehicle at the time of the order. The research vehicle is performed in the hour before the scheduled departure time, depending on the starting point, and traffic conditions.
When booking, the customer must specify the airport, the date of the race, and the flight number.
The scheduled landing time and the arrival terminal, subject to change by the flight conditions and the airport authority can be informed but are not contractual.
The liability of the Company can not be held liable for incorrect information given by the Customer (incomplete flight number, date of error), nor for any errors in information on the reference flight for running, transmitted by the Service Info from the airport concerned.
The telephone ordering service is 24h / 24, 7 days 7 through a call to a "non-premium" number (cost of a local call from a landline).
The customer can make an order online, via the website ________________________.
Online booking redirects on validation to a secure site Paypal .. No additional fee is charged by the company on the price of the race, apart from the possible additional costs due to the passenger waiting time by the driver starting point.
After validation of the booking, the customer must present himself at the agreed day and time scheduled.
The customer will receive an email and / or sms confirmation.
If the driver waiting, waiting fee in the amount determined under section 5, it will be automatically billed beyond a period of 8 minutes.
In case of non-submission of the Customer, the driver is deemed free to leave after a 18-minute waiting period.
The customer agrees to behave in the vehicle as a good family man.
In case of damage to the equipment or vehicle attributable to the Customer, the Company rebill it costs rehabilitation of the vehicle or equipment changes.
The passengers, adults and children are required to wear seat belts. A fine is incurred by those at fault during a check by the police.
For security reasons, it is forbidden to smoke and to transport flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic. Failure to comply with this stipulation liability of the Customer and the passenger. The Company then reserves the right to any appeal.
Luggage must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. Luggage remain the sole responsibility of the Customer. No baggage can not be entrusted to the driver. The driver may refuse baggage whose weight or dimensions are excessive and those he considers detrimental to the safety of the transport.
Any change in the estimate of the originally scheduled run and pay in advance via the website (wait, parking, extra stop, change of address ...) will result in additional fees that are charged to the customer directly from the driver.
The service offered by the company is a provision of looking for a vehicle available from the reservation of the customer. The company is thus held in an obligation of means and implements all its best efforts to find a vehicle available to the Customer as soon as possible.
Upon receipt of the Customer's request, in case of seizure of the destination, the company is committed to providing an offer indicating the fare ..
If the customer accepts the offer, the company agrees to send him a confirmation of the Order by mail and / or SMS.
All cancellation policy is defined in these Terms and Conditions.
If the vehicle is already at the point of departure at the time of cancellation, the race will be entirely due to the company. If the client has not canceled the order before the arrival of the vehicle, the passenger does not show up at departure where the driver or the company calls the customer on the phone, the full value of the controlled race is billed at customer.
& Nbsp; The customer retains the right to cancel the Order 3 hours before the actual start time of the race. In this case the entire amount of the fare will be refunded. But in the opposite case & nbsp; he is liable to have the full amount of the race to the company.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to data, files and liberties.
The customer has the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning on request addressed to the company ..
The company informs the customer about the use made of personal data concerning collected through the use of the site
The Company may disclose to third parties customer details for the purposes of use of the site including the driver. The Customer has of course the right to oppose (by any means including ordinary letter to the company) to transfer to third parties for marketing purposes of personal information held on them.
Customer agrees that the Company reserves the right to record and preserve, for evidentiary purposes, all information relating to connections, such as data on journeys and the Customer's personal details.
The waiting fee is 0.45 € and 0.90 € TTC per minute depending on the range of the vehicle and will be paid in addition to the driver.
The payment can be made directly on the site via the secure website & nbsp; PayPal, or directly from the driver by a terminal bank cards, or cash.
Once the reservation is paid online, or book by phone from the central, the company sent to the client by e-mail, an invoice directly to the email address that he has communicated when booking.< / p>
The transfer begins at the customer's mounted in the vehicle the driver and ends at the descent of the customer for the same vehicle.
The driver may refuse to support the client. If such refusal results from customer behavior (drunk presence of an animal weighing more than 8 kg and not placed in a cage, danger to the safety of the driver and vehicle, etc.) or incorrect information transmitted by the client.
The company is committed to the drivers and vehicles comply with the regulations in force in the exploitation of passenger vehicles with drivers.
The company is guaranteed by a reputable insurance company that covers the risks associated with its business in accordance with the legislation in force.
Passengers are considered third parties vis-à-vis the driver, and are covered for all the bodily, material and immaterial they may incur subsequent to a traffic accident and unlimited for bodily injury Since the rise in the vehicle until the descent, except for damage caused by their fault.
The client can send by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (recorded delivery) a claim with the company at the following address: ________________________.
Any claim relating to an incident during the race will be transmitted to the driver, which the company & nbsp; undertakes to transmit the exact coordinates of the Customer.
These Terms and Conditions are subject to French law.
Disputes between traders will be submitted exclusively to the Court ________________________ of Commerce.
& nbsp;

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